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Welcome to my web site where you will find details of the massages I can carry out for you in pleasant surroundings. I have been carrying out massage for nearly 13 years and have been here at my shop for over 10 years: in that time I have provided my customers with professional and friendly massages.

We are a big happy family here at Sunshine Smile Therapy so you can be assured of a warm and friendly welcome. Check out my prices page for details of the massages you can choose from.

It is best to phone for an appointment or send a text message, but sometimes I am booked up and not always able to answer you immediately, but I will get back to you. If you are passing I may be able to accommodate you without an appointment, but to be sure it is best to pre-book if you can.

Looking forward to see you soon & thanks for looking at my web site.


Traditional Chinese Tui Na

A traditional Chinese medicine massage (pronounced 'twee naw') , which means 'Pinch & Pull', and therefore it uses kneading, pressure points & reflexology techniques; so is not one for relaxation, but to address particular areas of pain or discomfort. Can be carried out with hot oil or jasmine oil to help relieve tension.

Korean-Style Cancellous Bone Massage

This is really a combination of a number of techniques from Japanese, Chinese & Thai: therefore it involves using finger, thumb, hand and elbow pressure to address certain problem areas, but also includes a full body massage and concentration on specific areas to relive muscle tension and therefore pain.

Universal Power Sport Massage

This is a deep tissue massage that helps with particular sports injuries; or helps as part of a training programme: done regularly it help clean out muscle tension, especially if it is a 'high-impact' sport, like running, jogging, boxing etc. Again can be done with use of oils to assist recovery.

Thai Stretching Flexion Muscle Massage

This is a slow deliberate massage that focuses on energy points called 'sen'. It combines yoga type positions concentrating on energy lines through the body, but also particular pressure points on muscles & tendons. Usually carried out on a mat, rather than on a table.

Full Relaxing Body Massage

A full body massage includes most areas of the body, but not sensitive ones: so typically would include, back, arms, legs, hands feet & neck. Can also involve stomach & buttocks. It involves some hard and some soft techniques, but the customer can ask for a soft or hard full body massage. Usually carried out with neutral oil or hot jasmine oil to relieve tension and muscle ache.

Butterfly Massage

Is a gentle relaxing massage that mostly involves using finger tips and finger movements with little pressure being applied. Some find it ticklish, but done correctly it can prove a good way to relax the muscles & relieve stress. Hot oils can be used.

Soft Music Relax Massage

Is a combination of techniques used in a full body massage, combined with elements of a butterfly massage: it usually starts with a more firm massage and ends with more gentle techniques; all with relaxing music playing in the background. The application of oils can make the experience more beneficial.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology has existed for a long time & is not so much a massage of the feet, but picking areas of the feet that are believed to affect different parts of the body - reflex zones one might say - by applying pressure to different areas of the foot the health of the connected or related body organs are improved.

Hot Stone Massage

This is really a full body massage that also employs hot stone therapy. Hot, but not too hot, stones are applied to areas of the body that have a particular pain - usually the lower back or spine. It promotes better relaxation of the muscles before the traditional massage techniques are applied to the affected area. Carried out with or without oils.

Bamboo Massage

In this technique the hands are replaced by a bamboo cane which is rolled over the body, particularly on areas effected by pain. The therapist can then use the hands to help relieve knots or tension in particular parts of the body giving pain. It is a way of providing Swedish or Deep Tissue massage without the use of the hands.


It is usually part of a deep tissue massage whereby the therapist puts special glass cups onto (usually) the back, sometimes lighting them to draw the air out and create a vacuum: the suction helps blood flow, loosens muscle tension and can help to sedate the nervous system - so can be good in treating high blood pressure.

Ear Candle

This is an ancient practice which involves a lit special (hopi) ear candle being placed in the ear and a dish of water being placed close by. The negative pressure draws wax and debris out of the ear canal. It can help to regulate pressure in the ear and to clear blockages due to the build up of the body's natural wax.

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It is best to call for an appointment.

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Price List*

Full Relaxing Body Massage £20.00
Chinese Traditional Tui Na £20.00
Korean-Style/Thai Yoga & Sport Massage £30.00
Bamboo Massage £25.00
Back or Shoulder or Neck Massage £20.00
Face or Hand or Head Massage £20.00
Butterfly Massage £15.00
Soft Music Relax Massage £15.00
Foot Massage with Reflexology £20.00
Cupping with Massge £20.00

*Price quoted is for a 30 minute session.

You can ask for alternative lengths of treatment times if you wish.

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